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Simple solution for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

In the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on May 22, 2010 by petrem66

I was thinking the other day to the problems caused by the massive leak of petroleum into the Ocean. They are massive as I can judge based on what I’ve seen on TV. The underwater camera captured some frightening images of this massive spill of deadly petroleum. I guess that if the pipe is not properly closed we will find ourselves in a situation in which we will have produces a dead zone the size of the entire Gulf (and who knows maybe the entire habitat of the Ocean will be destroyed with that). With such a threat, I think I can contribute at lease with an idea that may help.
Although I am in the software engineering field for more then 20 years, I still remember my classes in the high school and first year in University mechanics and design, and have a good understanding on who metal work is done. Also, as a teenager my father who is a mechanical engineer use to take me to his company (a heavy machinery maintenance factory). I was fortunate enough to actually find my first job at that factory so that I could earn some money during my first years at University. Back then I had participated at projects to automate cranes, and even as an entry level worker I could see and steal a little from other peoples experience in various fields. Later, after I graduated I run my own company (in association with my father) with the main activity to maintain heavy lifting machinery (cranes). Yes, I did mostly sales and marketing, but when time came and we were short of workers, I would use the wrench to tighten a loose pipe or install a hydraulic distributor. From marketing campaigns, signing contracts, coding in C, Pascal, Lisp, microcontrollers and 486 to injection molds for aluminum, and hydraulic devices I covered pretty much all back then. It was only since I came to Canada about 11 years ago since I stripped all off but coding/designing/architecting software. But I still remember what I learned. So here is my design (find it attached) Underwater portable guillotine for broken pipes