On customer discovery

In Marketing on September 14, 2010 by petrem66

Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley have recently interviewed Ash Maurya and published that as a podcast. Since I am searching for information on how to do the Customer Development practically in the early stages of the business it was like a revelation to listen to what Ash had to say about how to do the research.

If I’ve got it right the mini-steps to take:

1. I need to think about who has lots of paperwork to do, and organize it. They may be lawyers, insurance brokers, or real estate agents

2. I want to learn from them the pain-points related to paperwork. In order to do that I need to come up with a set of questions to ask. Get introductions to potential customers (Would cold calls be appropriate though?)

3.  Get appointments and interviews with people active in the target market. If freelance lawyers specialized in handling real estate with strong computer skills and an active presence on the web is my target, I get to use my network to be introduced to one

4. Compile a list of problems learned about during step 3

5.  Think of solutions for some of the problems at 4. Follow up based on permission with connections made at step 3. Learn what solution makes more sense to them. Extrapolate common themes from a handful of interviews

6. Come up with a list of problems to solve and a potential market


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