On Customer Development methodology

In Uncategorized on August 21, 2010 by petrem66

I try to follow this method invented by Steve Blank for startups as closely as I can. It does make sence since it formalizes one rational method of proving the worthiness of a business model before pooring in lots of cash and effort.

Right now,with I am in the very early stages of being able to demo it the customers and to try to find early adopters. The key goal at this stage is to find out the best use and market for the capablilities of this grid based application to produce customized documents on the fly. I’ve seen the demand in all the companies I’ve worked at so far. They were very large companies and on the late adopters graph (as per the ‘Crossing the Chasm’ by Geoffrey Moore). Cannot even dream of approaching them yet at this stage. My goal right now is to find and to validate the use of my engine for a more approachable market such as Toronto based small businesses that have an online presence (such as a website).

I have found a very useful, step by step guide for market validation at Ash Maurya’s blog posting. The only disconcert with his posting is that my initial bag contains more then 3 problems that I could start talking about for problem presentation

A down to earth description of the process can be found in the FAQ at the blog of Cindy Valdez


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