My experience with oDesk

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2010 by petrem66

I’ve been hiring for small tasks that I can outsource on oDesk. For almost a year now, my goal has been to find reliable pros to work for me on the long run on DocumentClick. To my disappointment, I found none so far, but learn some lessons to remember. I think these I can share on my blog.

1. I’ve learned the hard way not to hire on the hourly pay. Even the most honest developers tend to overestimate their value and charge for work that they think they’ve done. Better set a reasonable fixed-price on work. This way you can ensure that you pay for code delivered

2. Do not assume that even the best coders will be able to guess what you want from them unless you constantly remind them what you need. Sometimes your good English will not help so you need to put up some extra time of yours to come up with samples, test cases and diagrams to be made well understood

3. Do not assume that coders will always act on their accepted contracts. There are cases when people abandon tasks midway without any notification. Make sure that you have a backup plan such as to hire a second or third developer

4. Excellent coders are always busy. They are hard to find, and hard to keep

5. Rating on odesk is sometimes misleading. Make sure that you have a set of quiz questions handy to make sure that who you’re hiring is qualified. This is especially true for WebDesigner most of whom are not hands on with CSS and Javascript


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