My goals for the first release

In Business on April 19, 2010 by petrem66

As my first full work day on the project, I want to review my goals with this posting. Yes, the overall goal is to get a ball so that I can be in the game. I think that I will have a shot with the online business only if I’d be able to learn fast and adopt easy to the feedback from the market. I guess all the struggle for a good product, interesting offer, and SEO fit will not be enough to make an impression except for the case when I will realize the positioning to a market niche that is profitable. At this stage of the project, I want to not be concerned with marketing yet.No matter what I think about my potential customers, there is no way yet to prove or disprove my points with palpable evidence. Since reading ‘the Black Swan’ by Nassim Nicholas Taleb I learned to be an empiricist. All my assumptions may be flawed, but how would I know without testing my theories?. At this stage, there is no much to present to the public, and it takes quite an effort to enhance the product

Once launched on the market (I aim at August 2010), I will do whatever it takes to expose it to the largest audience I can and to collect as much analytic to analyze. At that point it should take lesser effort to outsource parts of the new development, and also to put any enhancement in production.


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