All Marketers are liars

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I am quite impressed by Seth Godin’s points on marketing by creating authentic stories and match them to the worldview of potential customers. Good point.
Back to my business, my storytelling plan starts from my pain on organizing the mountains of papers I am getting every month. Some of them I need to keep and archive, others I must take to the recyclables in order to keep my yard clean. Time consuming process that nobody pays me to do for. These papers not only require my volunteer work, they also come with an very large energy cost. Paper is made from the fiber of a tree that was chopped down at some point in the past. After being chopped down they transported it to a mill, burnt gasoline that was cheap only because we choose to ignore the cost of pollution. At the mill, they ground the tree with machines that burned a few hundred kilo watts on that. The paper was then slices into layers, packaged and shipped to printing factories. At the printing facilities, they burned maybe a few hundred of watts only to put the ink on the paper. From the printer they shipped it to my home. Before an invoice of a few grams of weight gets on my desk it has already incorporated a large quantity of energy. You know what I do with the invoice?. I scan it to get a soft copy and archive it to my local disk (eventually to a CD). After that I dispose of it by either shredding it with a scissor (when I have time), or with a machine (yet another 25 Watt burn on the invoice). The paper thus shredded gets into the recyclable bin. Some guys for the city take it with a big collector truck (burn energy again) to a dump yard, maybe to a paper recyclable plant. Can you imaging how wasteful it is to produce this invoice?. They burn millions of dollars worth of pollution just to send me a notification on balance due. Is it an efficient way of doing business? Probably not.
I am working on a better and simple solution for them


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