First day on Rackspace

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I have realized that in order to get to the point when I can ship very fast and often with minimum financial and time effort I need to organize the company in that way. That implies automate processes that can be automated, reuse as much as it can be, and build in capabilities to allow for evolution. Now that the playground is leveled, and neat I have the opportunity to lay down a solid foundation that I won’t regret doing
As a first step, I want to implement the principles of Continuous Integration using Cruise Control. With a bunch of build and deploy scripts I can automate the entire release process and simplify it to the point that at any moment I will be able to redeploy 10-12 servers in less then an hour on the cloud
Yesterday evening I signed up for a Rackspace account. My aim is to setup a Dev environment similar to what I’ve seen at Yak. This will have Jira for issue tracking, planning and building the application. A minimal presentation application and SVN with WebDav


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